Americans Nationwide Burn NFL Tickets, Shirts In Solidarity With Trump

Americans across the country are burning shirts and tickets in protest against NFL players disrespecting the national anthem and the U.S. flag.

One video shows season ticket holder Brendan Finn, who has been attending New York Giants games since the early 80 , burning his tickets.

can go anymore, says Finn before apologizing to ll the respectful NFL players who still respect the flag and our country. /p>

can pay and I can watch this happen, he adds, before explaining how he is wearing a shirt that belonged to a cop he worked with who was shot dead during a robbery.

here are thousands of cops just like him who gave their lives for this country, and these people sit down and protest against cops? I burning my tickets, states Finn.

he end of an era, I sad to see it happen, but I sad to see what happened to America even more, says Finn as the tickets burn.

Another video shows a Steelers fan, who appears to be a veteran, burning his Steelers shirt while waving an American flag and playing the national anthem.

Steelers fan burns his Steelers shirt in response to the #TakeAKnee action yesterday

BNL NEWS (@BreakingNLive) September 25, 2017

Another Steelers fan, Robert L. Williams, burned all his NFL gear in a pit.

凡e have morals in this country. We stand for this country. My great uncle bones are lying in the bottom of Pearl Harbor. For this country. For the flag. For your freedom to play in the NFL and to say whatever you want to say. But you do not disrespect the flag and the country and the Constitution So watch this stuff burn, said Williams.

Marine Corps veteran Jim Heaney, a lifelong Steelers fan, also burned his gear, including birthday and Christmas gifts his children had bought for him.

The entirety of the Steelers team stayed in the locker room for the anthem, with only U.S. Army veteran Alejandro Villanueva choosing to honor it.

This is a more powerful image than all those #TakeTheKnee morons put together.

Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) September 24, 2017

Another video shows a Kansas City Chiefs fan saying he is now shamed to support his own team as a result of their actions while vowing not to spend another dime on NFL, before burning his merchandise.

Another clip shows someone burning a Ravens jersey. More than a dozen Baltimore Ravens players took a knee during the anthem before their game in London, although chose to stand for a rendition of God Save the Queen.



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