DCs New fifty two: Flash Is About the Uniqueness Of Barry Allen. So Lengthy, Wally West

I’m so P.O’d I’ve been nigh speechless all day.

So..Superman got de-powered so that he can solely leap and not fly, however Barry Allen is essentially the same (at near mild pace), is Marvel Woman now without the pace of Mercury so she can’t go fast both? Wait! Bart is okay to keep round as a speedster though he can’t presumably be Batholomew’s grandson because…because…because…magic or something? Maybe his last title is not Allen or possibly he’s now Barry’s son or nephew…displacing Wally totally in that as properly?

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Now, the one factor that offers me the tiniest, itsy-bitsy sliver of hope (the outdated blue ring is actually sputtering right here or possibly it’s simply the overhead mild) is that Didio specified the Flash e-book. It’s doable that Wally may very well be in another e-book; albeit not as a speedster (again, by no means thoughts Bartdon’t see the mystery of Bart, simply accept the anomaly DC fans because Didio desires you to.)

However what choices are there then for Wally?
Time Journey is out. No more time travelHey, what about Booster Gold!) I don’t need him as a villain or a daily joe (look what occurred when Kollins made him a regular joe!)

Maybe he can tag together with Frankenstein’s group? You recognize, as one of many unwanted monsters (within the eyes of DC Editorial) X(

This is such the joke. If they wanted to re-launch, they should have relaunched with the JSA as young men. Or created all new heroes like they did with the Silver Age. This DCPU…eh DCnU is just DC’s head honchos having a mid-life crisis. Why couldn’t they’ve just purchased a bit purple sports automobile fairly than mucking with different people’s creativity and a certain other purple speedster?

Expensive god, and that’s just my thoughts on WALLY! Ought to I’m going on about Oracle, Stephanie, Cyborg as a token black in the ‘diverseDCnU’s Justice League, ect?

I posted about this on my obscure little profile page and I’ve gotten pm’s from some very irate DC followers. They are also past angry—and all are pretty NEW fans…the sort that DC is supposedly courting. For those who have just about any questions relating to where by along with how to use teen titans t-shirt, it is possible to call us on the page. I suppose DC is simply searching for model-spanking new fans who have as but no concept what a tortuous beast DC can be.