Flash And The DC Universe

Flash and the DC Universe. (self.FlashTV)

submitted 2 years ago by mutakumiI’m Jay Garrick?

Men's Cotton me this riddle Short Sleeve Tops TeesWhat I want to know is, the place are the cities like Coast, Central, Starling, Gotham situated in the US? Cause, Constantine uses actual cities and they’ll have a Flash easter egg in its season finale. Should you loved this short article and you wish to receive more information regarding darth vader t-shirts generously visit the web page. Does stuff like that matter or is this a dumb thought?

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[-]HPSpacecraftah-ah, savior of the universe 6 points7 points8 factors 2 years in the past (13 children)

Coast and Star(ling) are each in California I Superhero feel. Metropolis modifications relying on the continuity, I’ve seen it as NYC however it was in Kansas within the Smallville show. It has been fairly well established that Gotham is in New Jersey, but I do not know about Central Metropolis.

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Though I too am curious, Constantine isn’t taking place in London. If we’re taking Hellblazer out of its most important city, who’s to say the remainder of the DC universe isn’t hiding in bizarre locations.