We Don’t Have Time For You

I was about to place an order from this site, but read the reviews here and changed my mind. Here are the series of emails between myself and “John”….the professionalism of this man speaks for itself.

After reading many reviews of your site, I have decided NOT to complete my purchase with your company.

You may cancel my order.
Thank you,

His first response:

You make me laugh
How many complaints out of over 70,000 transactions over 7 years?
That’s what I thought
Read these too

My response to this:


I didn’t mean to insult you with that email. Here are some things to consider, though:

1. Making a payment on your website is very out of the ordinary as far as American standards go. With online scamming at large, waiting for an email that then directs you to another website…that then asks for all your personal information again along with a “remark” code seems odd to me. I purchase many things online and have never once been prompted to do as your site does. Even your email address is very unrecognizable to Americans.

2. The only positive reviews I can find of JerseysFromChina are from your own website. I am not saying this is necessarily what you did, but let’s face it…you could’ve faked every one of those buyer reviews. When I searched the internet for third-party reviews of your site, I found nothing but negative ones.

3. Your question of “70000 transactions over 7 years”, unfortunately, means absolutely nothing to me because I do not know if this is a fact or not. There isn’t proof anywhere of these 70000 transactions and, given points #1 and #2 above, makes it hard to believe. I have no way of knowing how many complains you have had over the last 7 years, now do I? “That’s what I thought”…

Regardless, I thank you for your personal response. Honestly, I really wanted to buy from your site, but too many factors made me feel uneasy about doing so”

And lastly, his reply:

“Sorry but everything you said is wrong
There are other factors to consider. Too many to go into but is you send me 2000 USD I can write you a report about it.
Go buy from nfl.com and pay 300 usd
You don’t know $#*! about human nature either
When I am happy doing business with some one
I email them and let them know
When I am unhappy, I go find a $#*! web site and whine

Anyway. You shouldn’t spend 50 bucks ( your life savings ) on a shirt
Go invest it somewhere you might need it later
Statistically speaking 3% of all customers are idiots or $#*!s.
They shouldn’t be allowed to buy anything… at anytime… from anyone…
If you are one of the 3% then please go buy elsewhere
We don’t want your business.
We don’t have time for you.



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