What Flag Football Field Equipment Is Required?

Whether you’re looking for a group to play with for fun, a group for your kids, or just looking to try something new, flag football is an easy, inexpensive, popular sport that can be played in nearly any condition or time. As flag football is non-contact, there is little protective equipment available and many customers choose not to don any protection whatsoever. Whether or not you prefer the extra mobility and comfort or would rather prevent any injuries, flag football equipment are easily found at any sporting goods or department store.

The first and most obvious piece of equipment is, appropriately, a football. NFL-model footballs offer excellent grip and durability, along with the feel of the ball that professionals use. Official footballs, however, may be two or three times as expensive as imitation brand flag football field equipment. If your team or league decides that they’d rather spend an extra twenty or so dollars to have the most legitimate experience, choose an NFL-model. If you team doesn’t want to spend the money, other sports brands (Nike, Wilson, etc.) offer a good quality product for less money. In addition to a football, purchase a small air pump to keep the ball properly inflated. Most air pumps cost less than twenty dollars and can be purchased at any sports or biking store.

The second-most important piece of equipment for flag football is the flag itself. Flags need to be pulled off during fast paced games, so make sure the flags are brightly colored enough to be visible and durable enough to withstand tearing from countless pulls. Some leagues have their players wear special belts for the flags, others simply allow players to tuck flags into shirts or pants. Whatever the rules, make sure you have enough flags for an entire team (usually seven players) as well as several spares.

Individual equipment is as individual decision. Some players may wish to purchase sports goggles for eye protection, mouthpieces to avoid biting the tongue and cushioning against concussions, jocks and cups for groin protection, and knee or elbow pads. Some leagues have specific rules about which pieces of flag football equipment are mandatory and which are optional. Consider the rules, weigh the safety risks, and decide which of the protective equipment you wish to purchase. Goggles, mouthpieces, and pads usually ten dollars or less. A good pair of running shoes is necessary and the choice of which shoes to purchase depends on an individual’s budget.



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