1981 Draft Day Picks

Lawrence Taylor was born February 4, 1959 in Williamsburg, Virginia. Throughout his career, Taylor was also known as “LT.” But no matter what people called him, one thing was for sure. When Taylor hit the field he was always one of the best players on it. Not only did he have all of the physical skills to be a great player, but his will to win also helped him immensely throughout his career.

After high school Taylor decided to take his game to the University of North Carolina. It was during college that the nation began to take notice of just how good of a player he was. While at the school Taylor set many defensive records, and had several great seasons. He capped off his college career with 16 sacks in his final season with the Tar Heels. Later on in his career the university decided to retire Taylor’s number 98 jersey.

In the 1981 NFL Draft, Taylor was selected in the first round with the second overall pick. From his very first year it was evident that he was going to be a great player in the league. During his rookie campaign he was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year by the Associated Press, and also received the award for the Defensive Rookie of the Year by the NFL. And it is safe to say that Taylor did not stop there. Up until the time that he retired in 1993, Taylor made 10 Pro Bowl Teams and won many other awards.

All in all, Lawrence Taylor will always be known as one of the greatest linebackers to ever play the game of football. His tenacity on the field was what made him great, and the younger players of today are always trying to duplicate his bone crushing hits.



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