All About Walter Payton

I have created this article to present you with facts about Walter Payton. Walter Payton played 13 years for the Chicago Bears, leading them to the 1986 Super Bowl championship and breaking Jim Brown record for rushing yardage. Payton was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993, and in 1994 he was named to the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team.

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1. Payton was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993, and in 1994 he was named to the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team.

2. Walter Payton inspired millions of his fans by giving his all on every play, and he lived his life off of the gridiron as a model citizen.

3. Payton during his final year of life, while suffering from a rare liver disease, was credited with awakening national interest in organ donation.

4. Walter Payton was a competitive, punishing runner that had opposing defenders complaining about his penchant for delivering a hit before they did.

5. The Walter Payton Award, established in 1987, is presented annually to the top player in the Football Championship Subdivision of college football.

6. Payton was named to the first of nine career Pro Bowls in his second season, and in 1977 he won the league Most Valuable Player award after leading the NFL in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns.

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1. Payton, who was a twelve-year veteran, amassed 1,333 yards in the 1986 NFL season.

2. Payton was interested in cooking, often making meals for friends and was also an enthusiastic chess player.

3. Payton was one of three children born to Edward Charles Payton and Alyne Payton in Columbia, Mississippi.

4. Payton retired after the 1987 season, and the Bears immediately retired his number 34.

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