Analyze The Development Of Nfl In China In The Traditional Chinese View

Women's Desgin  Lady Lovely Locks and the PixieTails Short Sleeve T ShirtsNFL, as a world famous game, has enjoyed a history of more than 200 years. It is a sportthat makes all the American crazy. It is the sports league that makes about 1, 7600 million every year through selling broadcasting right. It is such an individual sports that gain great success in the whole America, Japan and Europe. However, since the first time that the CCTV played the whole playing in 1985 to 2007, the effect is so great in other counties while in China is little. Why? Is it against the Chinese traditonal culture or there is something wrong with the strategy?

First, let us disscus the present conditons of

jerseys wholesale in China.

1 Presently, in China, CCTV weekly telecast a football videos, time is on Monday or Tuesday at 0:30 points, in this time how many audiences, basically no influence is very limited. Shanghai sports Taiwan Sunday will air spy football project kind of program, the contents of the programmes are basically last week’s review, directly from America got over the feature program, most are not translated, at the same time because it is the local TV station, can see the person is not much, so viewing effect also is very ordinary.

2, Chinese and foreign football team are in play. More representatives is XuXin and LiChaoRan. XuXin at British universities American football league effectiveness, after being half of Britain’s national football teams 2005 champions coventry jet fleet selected, help won the 2006 national champion, October 2006 was NFL Europe united sea magic spotters chosen to take part in NFLCOMBINE, because the results through elected defensive candidate who and patriots have the brief cooperation. LiChaoRan into football’s former football player, July 2006 was NFL selected to attend the training to 2009 held in Beijing CHINABOWL (two teams NFL team to Beijing exhibition game).

3, it is to participate in, a kind of changes to the rules of football – after lumbar flag football in China’s five big cities first carried out. Only open to the middle school students, has held four sessions of national games, but because of the secondary school students is game, team and less, and didnt also can cause a great sensation. At the same time the capital experimental middle school also represent China attended the waist flag World Cup, result more generally. Domestic some university has established a football club, promotion football. China’s domestic football fans formed AFACHINA football league (, now has a member close to 6,000 people, BBS on have American uninstall lam ball introduction, the video download etc, can say is by far the most influential BBS, meanwhile BBS also actively organize various offline activities, experience football sports

Then we had better pay attention to the combination of creative spirit between traditional Chinese and authentic jerseys NFL.
1, from the root of Chinese traditional culture view, traditional Chinese culture has a not exclusive innovation spirit. In the university “, there is about innovation’s poem “otherwise newday sunshine, and new day after day, new.” If can mean daily updates, used to update everyday, used uninterruptedly update and updated. And the spirit of innovation and in contemporary society with new development, China’s opening and reform can be viewed as a kind of accept foreign culture innovation activities. In reform and opening up of the 20 years China has undergone earth-shaking changes.

2, football movement itself is an exquisite innovation, especially in the sports on TV, many of the most advanced TV technology is first used in the football broadcast. Another football in using high-tech help referees also walk in the decision to the front. NFL was also the first allowed through television replays to change the game on sports federation. Until years later the NBA is allowed via television to judge goal was happened in before the end of the game or after the game. Now tennis “geordi” technology is actually NFL playback system’s counterpart.

In addition to that, we should focus on the combination of Chinese tradtional culture and other NFL cultures.

1, “stimulation, enjoyable” is one of the characteristics of American football, it intense confrontation, unpredictable results reflect this. While “violence, savage” impression May or the sort of football’s not understood. Actually American football and other sports as, there are risk of injury, but also and other sports as to avoid injury have made methodical protection, in this kind of protection, football do is very guaranteed. Each member of the play athletes take helmet, protecting shoulder, HuXiong, like elbow pairze pads, knee and so on equipment, is truly best NFL jerseys. This greatly reduces the injured probability. This and now we emphasize the people-oriented thoughts are identical with each other.

2, in addition in football in exquisite teamwork, ignore personal. This is Chinese traditional “no early” “mean” characteristics of exactly identical.

3, football tactics, it’s exquisite obey every offense and defense are strictly in accordance with the tactics to execute, this again with the traditional Chinese concept of obedience system has the same place.

At last, from the above we can draw a conlusion that the NFL has a lot in common with the Chinese tradtional cultrue. The reason why it is not so popular is that the Chinese does not understand the NFL very much. As a result, I think it is very necessary for us to spend more time to know NFL. Enlarge the effect of NFL on young man and students. By this way, the NFL must be accepted by the Chinese very soon.

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