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Hello, and welcome to my jersey guide. Dedicated to helping you and everyone to find the best jersey, for YOUR needs and wants. Ebay has become a major hub for jersey trade, I have listed a lot of common words you will see in an auction and have tried to explain what an AUTHENTIC really is.


Little bit of old/new news. Nike has become the official outfitter of the NFL (from Reebok).
閳绢毃EWARE of were your jersey is being shipped from. If the price seems too good to be true, it usually is.
閳绢毃EWARE I am seeing a lot of jerseys with the wrong number size/shape/lettering that are being sold as authentic sewn. There is a difference in Authentic and game used.
閳绢毃EWARE poor seller ratings combined with negative feedback.
閳绢毃EWARE autographs with no COA, return policy, and documentation confirming authenticity.


M- 48
L- 50
XL- 52
XXL- 54
3XL- 56
4XL- 58
5XL- 60
If you are unsure, take a tight pit to pit measurement. Double that number. This will be a good starting point for size.

Chest inches to size
26-28 Small (8)
30-32 Medium (10-12)
34-36 Large (14-16)
38-40 Extra Large (18-20)

Women’s Jersey sizes:
S- 3-5 chest: 32-34
M- 7-9 34-36
L- 11-13 38-40
XL- 15 40-42

Quick Run Down of vocab:

– Authentic- with many meanings authentic means the closest to a game jersey you can buy. Usually meaning higher quality or genuine product. this word is the most misleading describer I have seen in the selling of jersey. Authentic is rarely used in Game worn, or game used jerseys.
Game worn/Game used/Game Issued- Jersey that was worn, made for and used on the field of play. Usually cut for pads, looks long and super tight, usually a puffy look in the shoulders. Most game jerseys do not have a typical t-shirt style collar tag but a jock tag below the back collar, not on the front of the jersey.

ELITE- This is nike’s new version of the authentic. The best representation of what your favorite players wear on Sundays, or Monday, or THURSDAY? what the… has sewn number or flexible twill numbering, weather resistant fabric and what they call zone ventilation.
GAME JERSEY- middle tier of nike jersey line, screen print numbers and lettering.

LIMITED JERSEY- Nike combo of the elite and game jersey. Similar to what they called an EQT. with sewn tackle twill numbers and letters screen printed graphics.
JOCK TAG- that odd out of place tag on the bottom left of the jersey. good place to look first to determine base quality of a jersey. number size or letter represented, Some Jock tags are inside the jersey below the collar. Mostly seen in game used/game issued jersey.

Example of jock tag this one with number size represented.

EQT- A great alternative when you don’t want to spend 200+ on a jersey. Tackle twill letters and numbers.

Replica- Common jersey that uses screen-printed numbers and letters.

– Throwback- Any style of jersey, most commonly seen as a replica that represents a player from the past.

– Mitchell and Ness- Brand name of a company that makes high quality throwback replica jerseys.
– Sewn or stitched- Number and letters sewn on to a jersey. DOES NOT MEAN 100% AUTHENTIC or a higher price all of the time
– Legacy Collection- Product line from the NFL that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the AFL. Using current jersey manufacturing they make throwback jerseys for current games.
Super bowl jersey- Jersey seen with a super bowl logo on the chest
Pro bowl jersey- people still care about the pro bowl?
Patches- Typically seen on the chest of a jersey for a team anniversary, super bowl, or an approved commemoration of a past player, owner, or member of the franchise.


PRICES- some sellers and auctions will tell you that all retail prices of an authentic jersey is $250 and up. Not always true. Find what you want in your jersey and shop around.
– Screen Sewn Here you see the iron on material that is fading and cracking also notice the shiny polyester look. The next is an example of a “sewn” jersey. The letters and numbers are sewn on but are not the right size, font or color to make it an authentic.

AUTHENTIC VS GAME USED: Often mistaken, authentic is an overused word in selling a jersey. Has been used to describe a game used, game issues, has been used to describe an “authentic” or genuine company product, and is often used to mask the true identity of a jersey. Authentic when used to sell a jersey should mean the closest jersey you can get to what the pros wear, with the comfort of normal day to day wear. Game used/issued/worn jerseys few people would ever wear. They are cut and tailored for that player, usually oversized in the shoulders for pads and overly tight. Most game used jerseys are advertised that way only, and not as an authentic, and are mostly sold as a collectable relic.

REPLICA- this type of jersey is a close representation of what players wear on the field. Normally not as heavy duty with iron on numbers and letters or graphics. Iron on letters and numbers have a high chance of wearing out after washing and drying, and look more shiny than sewn material.
EQT- a replica that is extremely hard to tell apart from an authentic style. They are all polyester which is really shinny and thin with screen logos and stripes, but have sewn numbers and letters. I see most of them in regular sizes not numbered. They look authentic from a distance but up close you can tell they are not as high quality. Good solution for a fan that wants the authentic look for a quarter of the price.
AUTHENTIC REPLICA or REPLITHENTIC- Usually a hybrid. A mix of authentic and replica qualities. Normally seen with sewn on numbers and name, and made with all polyester.
ON-FIELD- One of the most confusing and over used terms I have seen for a jersey. Most of the Jerseyes from the NFL come with a tag that states “onfiled” all one word. I have seen this term and word all over jerseys. Tags, labels and sewn tags. I will never search for a jersey using this title. Results will vary.
– *AUTHENTIC SEWN- a replica jersey that has sewn letters and numbers by a dealer or outside source but is not always an authentic. These jerseys are a top of the line replication. If you want to buy a jersey that looks good and does not cost as much as a true authentic this is normally the way to go. Why the difference: a sewn authentic uses a blank jersey without numbers and letters and do all the sewing themselves. I have found some great looking sewn jerseys and some really bad ones. Just make sure the letters and numbers are right
THROWBACK- this term is commonly used for jerseys of teams that don’t exist anymore, for players that do not play anymore (retired, traded, released) and for memorabilia that is dated anywhere from ten years on up in age. This term is used loosely and sometimes just as a spice up word. I consider throwback a word only used for retired players that were at higher status than a normal player. Joe Montana, Joe Namath, and Dick Butkus come to mind….. So I am sorry but your dads high school jersey from the 70’s is not throwback. its vintage!
MITCHELL & NESS- A solid sportswear company founded in 1904 that is known for their work in throwback items. Their own web sight calls their jerseys “detailed reproductions.” If looking for a M&N jersey check out the web sight because it offers great history of teams, plus the company works closely with the NFL to bring the best looking throwbacks made. The only problem is that they are great jerseys but often overpriced due to the company’s ownership of the throwback market. But with best size selection, going up to size 70, and with the most accurate styles this may be your best bet for a throwback jersey.

AUTOGRAPH AUTHENTIC- Jersey that is not only authentic quality, but autographed by your favorite player. Make sure that the signature has a Certificate of authenticity (COA) or some credible source of the signature being real. Next make sure the jersey is an authentic with the correct manufacturer for the time, and all letters and numbers are correct for the era. Third check out the rating of the seller. You can not hide from a bad rating. When you bid on an item that has a COA eBay will bring up a second page that warns you about autographs and reprints. You can get an expert opinion about the item for a fee, and I like E bays own philosophy, if its too good to be true it probably is.

PATCHES- Teams often celebrate anniversary, milestones and past players with a team patch. Example: 50th anniversary of the AFL and the Titans, Patiorts, Chargers, Jets, Raiders, and Chiefs will have the patch.

– Example of 75th anniversary patch seen on the 1993 NFL jerseys

Q: What sellers do you recommend? A: I am not here to support any seller. just let buyers know what to expect when looking for a jersey.

Q: Do all authentic jerseys have sewn letter and number? A: nope, a good example is the bills jersys in the late 90’s. numbers and letters were screen printed on.

Well, thanks and I hope YOU to become a pro looking for a jersey. Feel free to e-mail me any time with questions or comments (I do update and have added a Q&A section) and if you question a jersey, send me the auction and I would be more than happy to look at it for ya. Good luck to your team this season and have fun sporting your true colors this year.



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