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I’ve been thinking about this a bit lately, was wondering what everyone else thought.

I’ve always thought it was kinda ridiculous in baseball that the manager has to wear the player uniform. No one wants to see Charlie Manuel’s potbelly with red pinstripes stretched around it. (Thank goodness Rex Ryan isn’t a baseball manager…). It’s as stupid as making Phil Jackson wear the Lakers’ yellow tanktop/gym shorts, or Bruce Boudreau decked out in pads and skates.

But which form of head coach/manager sideline apparel do you like most?

Baseball: Player uniform, complete with hat, personal number and spikes. Occasionally will throw a team-branded windbreaker or “dugout jacket” overtop

Football Head Coach: Team-branded apparel. Headwear ranges from hats to visors to toques in the winter. Apparel can range from polos, to windbreakers, to Belichicks’ famous 3/4 length hoodie, to parkas. Pants range from khaki’s to atheltic pants.

Hockey & Basketball: Formal suit and tie.

European Soccer: Formal as well, but during warm weather they can lose the sport coat and just go dress-shirt/dress-pants, and in the winter they might throw a peacoat and scarf overtop.


Personally, I like the way the NFL does it. I like seeing variety in the jackets and hats they wear, showing off the coaches’ personality a bit. Special props to when they wear throwback gear to match the team’s throwback jerseys.



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