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There was a time when to buy football shirts was the province of the proud father. He’d take his kids down to the club shop on opening day of the new season and fork out his money for the latest strips. The only choice, really, was whether the young folks wanted the home strip or the away strip – and, of course, there’d be that inevitable argument between who got which one, and what numbers were going to be steam printed on the back.

These days, that same proud dad can buy football shirts just as easily on the Internet. Easier, probably – and with a greater range of choices as well as preferential prices. The availability of football tops online, and the ease with which they can be bought (what would any normal person prefer – queuing for hours in the rain on opening day, or sitting in the warmth and comfort of his or her own home, clicking a button and having a top delivered before the season has even started?) and the cheaper availability of extras like number printing all point towards the net as the best place to buy football shirts.

These days, of course, football shirts aren’t worn just to show allegiance to a particular team. Football tops are high fashion, particularly (in the UK) football tops for successful European club sides. The recent surge in football enthusiasm that the World Cup managed to promote has left hundreds, even thousands of young fans looking for football shirts that represent the club teams of their new favourite national players. Teams from the higher European leagues are particularly popular, with youngsters logging on to buy football shirts from recently successful pan-European cup winners.

Success in the European competitions brings a yearly flush of new interest in foreign teams – as, bizarrely, do football based computer games, which increasingly emphasise European competition over domestic action. The result of all this is that young football fans see the game as a multi cultural, continental experience rather than viewing it purely from the viewpoint of a single league. Young football fans are as likely to know what is going on in the top divisions of the Bundesliga as they are the higher echelons of the Premiership. Indeed, it’s pretty safe to say that most young football fans are more likely to be able to name the squads of top European teams than they are the less successful sides in the Premiership. When they buy football shirts, their choices reflect this – which is why online football tops sites, like the aptly named UK site Football Tops, are stocking as many high class European team shirts as they are Premiership ones.

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Footballtops is a well knownsupplier of football boots, international shirts, club shirts and football kits in the UK. People can buy football shirts just as easily on the Internet. Easier, probably – and with a greater range of choices as well as preferential prices.

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