Jarryd Hayne NFL: 49ers Vs San Diego Chargers 2017

San Francisco officials and coaches were just as flattering when speaking about the Hayne Plane latest flight.

The 27-year-old former Parramatta Eels star popped up on offence with one of the plays of the night.

It was a spectacular turnaround for Hayne as he went from a quiet first quarter to Mr Everywhere in the second half as he produced arguably his most well-rounded performance in his new sport.

He carried the ball 10 times for a game-high 58 yards as well as featuring on punt returns and on special teams defence.

Here how the world reacted to Hayne final pre-season game:


SAN Francisco coach Jim Tomsula said he will only make a final decision on his 53-man roster over the weekend.

The 49ers have one more practice on Saturday (AEST) before the 53-man roster is announced on Sunday.

When asked if Ellington or Hayne is the clear preferred returner, Tomsula said: verything will be clear right after the weekend 瑢鈧?

He said Hayne performed well.

Jarryd Hayne may have done enough to survive the cut.Source:Getty Images

saw him catch passes. I saw him run the ball, he said.

窏is running, there were some really good plays. Just like everyone else there were a couple (plays) there where it in tight spaces and he had to go. We e got to keep working on that.

saw him in the passing game. I saw him tackle on coverage units. I saw him return balls and catch balls.

窏e shown he can do it. /h2>

Tomsula also praised Hayne ferocious hit on chargers cornerback Lowell Rose that excited the entire 49ers squad on the sidelines.

not going to disrespect any other player, but I will tell you that I think Jarryd a tough guy, he said.

However, Tomsula was just as flattering when he discussed Ellington hopes.

will say something about Bruce Ellington, Tomsula said.

n the spring, I wouldn say I was a gentleman to him. I was talking to him about getting in before practice, taking care of his body before practice, taking care of his body after practice, doing those regeneration things. Taking advantage of those things like massages.

didn feel like he was doing that. We had a man conversation and I would say that since then Bruce Ellington has done everything that I e asked him to do. /p>


Jarryd Hayne flew again.Source:AFP

JARRYD Hayne once again starred for the 49ers, but the man himself was more thrilled that he was finally starting to perfect the sport fundamentals.

He said he was most pleased at how he successfully got his shoulders low while running the football.

窋or the first time, I was comfortable getting the pads low, which was good, he said.

e just worked hard from where I want to go and where I want to be as an NFL player.

o come out tonight and lower my pads, get low, and get through tackles, that was something I tried to emphasise through the week. I think that was probably my most complete performance with everything we e been coached up to do. /p>

He singled out teammate and fellow running back Carlos Hyde for helping him learn the correct way to carry the pig skin.

arlos Hyde has been helping me a lot, he said.

窏e taken me under his wing. We e roomies, so he been telling me how to run – how to do it the American style – so it been good. /p>

Hayne said he doesn know if he l make the final roster but is excited about the future.

e been pleased to see what I e done, he said.

t been a journey as well. I just excited as anyone else to get out on the field at Levi Stadium in front of the fans, run around and catch passes.

t been great. It been such a life-filled journey. It been a great experience. I wouldn change it for the world. Everything has been above and beyond everything I could have expected. /p>

He also made a special shout out to his family, who travelled from Sydney to San Francisco for the game.

t was great, he said.

hey were very excited. It good to see them here in America for the first time so they were very excited. /p>

Hayne also tweeted this picture with his teammates.

2015 San Fransisco 49ers rookie class. What a journey it has been. Love to the homies 閴佸矌鐓嗘枻绗?pic.twitter.com/rFup9QBT5l

And said he was aving fun chasing dreams. /h2>

Having fun chasing dreams. #Godspeed #gig pic.twitter.com/79eZIN7KeB


49ERS chief operating officer Al Guido singled out Jarryd Hayne and described him as Australia ichael Jordan

Speaking on NFL Game Pass, Guido said the 49ers organisation valued the way Hayne has chased his NFL dream.

t really impressed, Guido said.

was telling someone earlier today the best analogy I can give is that he Michael Jordan for where he is. He the best player in his sport and he taking on something he never done before so it is impressive and the guys have noticed it as he moved along through training camp.

here no question there been a number of standouts in camp and Jarryd is one of those. /p>


49ERS specialist returner Bruce Ellington is locked in competition with Jarryd Hayne to earn a spot on the final 53-man roster, but was still happy to declare Hayne brings a lot to the team.

窏e can help us a lot, Ellington said after the match.

窏e knows how to set it up and make big plays. Special teams was something we didn have last year. With him, he can help us out a lot. /p>

49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton said Hayne has already shown he is ready for the NFL right now.

arryd just an extremely good athlete, extremely good player, extremely good person. He belongs here, Patton said.


JARRYD Hayne is undeniably one of the NFL biggest stars of the pre-season.

Statistics show Hayne was one of the top performers in the entire league in another boost to his hopes of earning a spot on the team final roster.

San Jose Mercury News journalist Cam Inman reported Hayne Hayne finished as the NFL second-leading rusher of the pre-season.

Hayne reportedly carried for 183 yards in his four appearances, second only to Detroit Lions Zach Zenner.

Jarryd Hayne was 2nd in NFL during preseason with 175 yards rushing on 25 carries. Zach Zenner (Lions) led 35-183. Hayne 7.0 avg was best.

Hayne was ranked No. 1 in the NFL for yards per carry with an average of 7 yards per run, while he was also ranked No. 3 in the league for total yards made on punt returns.


Jarryd Hayne spent time as the eadhunter on defence.Source:AFP

JARRYD Hayne had jaws dropping across the NFL when he flattened an opposition tackler with a classic rugby league shoulder charge.

Hayne was wide open on a pass receive and picked up a handy first down before he ran out of room down the touchline and smashed straight into a San Diego tackler.

That seemed unfortunate for the tackler as Hayne dropped his shoulder and the Chargers defender.

It got fans more than a little excited.

Oh. That’s just former Rugby League star @jarrydhayne_1, turning NFL defenders into pancakes. #SDvsSF http://t.co/sObSmoGhX9

Jarryd Hayne, while carrying the ball, hits a defender with a shoulder charge that drops him. Hayne stays upright. Says plenty.

@NFL @jarrydhayne_1 Americans getting excited by a regulation shoulder charge that most @NRL players can do in their sleep…that’s cute!

“He’s arguably been the 49ers preseason MVP” – Dennis O’Donnell. The #HaynePlane jersey getting coverage. #SDvSF pic.twitter.com/h9VEl45QnZ


IT wasn all positive for Hayne.

He was barely used on special teams for punt returning in the first half while the man looking to jump him into the final 49ers roster produced some highlights of his own.

Bruce Ellis showed some extreme pace on his way to a 70-yeard touch down and had a section of fans declaring he may have done enough to move ahead of Hayne in the pecking order.

Bruce Ellington is fast. If you didn’t know, now you know. #SDvsSF http://t.co/VYi0ZhDH81

Ellington is lighting it up for the 49ers. A good reminder just how tough the competition is for Jarryd Hayne to make the cut.

Part of 49ers evaluation today will be how big the difference is b/w Hayne & Ellington on returns. Bruce brings more @ WR than JH does at RB

Bruce Ellington showing his trade mark quickness on the punt return. He is quicker and faster than Hayne.


WITH four minutes left in the second quarter Hayne recorded his first tackle in the NFL when he wrapped up Chargers punt returner Javontee Herndon with a boots and all tackle for a loss of one yard.

Stepping in on special teams defence, Hayne chased Herndon as he sprinted sideways towards the sideline and made a diving tackle around the Charger ankles.

It got the NFL commentators for NFL Game Pass extremely excited about Hayne prospects as a defender.

窏e wants to show he more than just a special teams guy, the commentator said.

hey tackle in that rugby league. There an illustration right there. /p>

Great technique on that smooth hit & wrap tackle by @jarrydhayne_1 on punt coverage #STGunner #49ers

Hayne also lined up at unner or eadhunter for the 49ers special team defence after they were forced to punt.

Hayne role was to be the first player to reach the punt returner and bring him down. He did exactly that despite having to get around a two-man block protecting the returner.



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