Looking For A Prime Time Slaughter

I l admit up up front – I hate the Rams.

I didn use to. They were my hometown team. Yes, I live in suburban St. Louis, that thin crust pizza loving, craft beer drinking, low housing priced, great place to raise a family (except in Ferguson), baseball heaven, toasted ravioli eating, Stanley Cup deprived hockey town.

And I used to root for the Rams. I loved every minute of the Greatest Show on Turf. I held my breath on the last play of SuperBowl 34, when Mike Jones made he Tackle leaving Kevin Dyson one yard short of the tying touchdown. I still have my Isaac Bruce Jersey. I just don wear it anymore. Maybe I will the day he gets elected to the Hall of Fame, if he ever does.

I suffered through Superbowl 36, where the Bill Bellicheat and New England Cheaters, um I mean Patriots, used illegally taped films from the Rams practices in order to keep it close enough for a last second field goal to win the game in an upset.

I suffered more through the lean years that followed. With such great coaches as Scott Linehan and Steve Spagnuolo. The Rams went 8-8 in 2006, and haven cracked .500 since then. From 2007-2011, they compiled an NFL worst ever 5 year record of 15-65, or an average of 3-13 each year. We still bought tickets, averaging 85%+ of capacity despite being subjected to horrific football talent and game planning.

Then we lured Jeff Fischer to STL, and hope was renewed, temporarily at least. But even he and Sam Bradford couldn go better than 7-8-1. Then greedy new owner Enos Stanley Kroenke (yes, his name really is Enos) went for the money grab. The man who was born in Columbia Missouri, barely an hour west of St. Louis, who was named after two St. Louis Cardinal legends, and who had many business interests in the St. Louis area, never even considered keeping the team in STL. The Civic Progress team came up with a dynamic riverfront stadium plan and sold naming rights to National Car Rental (& Enterprise Rent a Car), but the fix was in. The Rams were moved to Los Angeles.

Kroenke, the now disinherited former Missourian, has huge plans for a mega entertainment complex in Inglewood, CA. The Chargers may also move in with them. As someone who seen two NFL franchises move away from his city, I completely sympathize with city who could lose their team.

When I heard the news about the final decision and the Rams moving, I carefully packed away my adored Isaac Bruce jersey, then grabbed the rest of my Rams gear – t-shirts, sweatshirts, pajama pants, etc. and put them in the donate to charity pile.

That brings us to tonight game. The last few years the Rams have played Seattle very hard, despite otherwise sucking as a team. In early October, the Rams were 3-1, tied for first, and looking good. Now they e lost 4 straight and 8 of 9 to limp into tonight game at 4-9 overall. Seattle will be hacked off after a poor performance against Green Bay last week and looking to rebound in a big way. I predicting a blood bath, with Seattle winning something like 34-9 or 41-16. And it l serve Enos Stanley right.



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