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NFL Size 5XL Jersey is the largest and southernmost of a group of islands called the Channel Islands in the English Channel. It is situated approximately 14 miles from the Northwest coast of France and 100 miles from the south coast of England.There are four other main islands Guernsey, Alderney, the Islanders were not treated too badly. I say this, not as an ignorant youngster who didn’t have to endure the occupation, but on the word of my gran who lived in Jersey throughout the second world war.On the 8 May 1945 Winston Churchill made an announcement over the radio informing the islanders were informed that the war was over. Jersey was officially liberated on 9 May 1945 and the island continues to celebrate liberation day as a public holiday.One of NFL Size 5XL Jersey greatest attractions is the late Gerald Durrell’s Wildlife Conservation Trust. Often incorrectly referred to as a zoo, in fact the Wildlife Conservation Trust has an entirely different focus to a regular zoo.The Trust works towards saving species from extinction both from its headquarters in Jersey and through its links with conservation activities worldwide. It has already saved six species from extinction and is currently working to ensure the survival of more than 30 endangered species around the world.According to David Jones, Ex Director of London Zoo, The island was part of the Duchy of Normandy in the 10th century and became part of the AngloNorman realm in 1066. In 1204 King Philippe Auguste of France conquered the duchy from King John of England and Jersey remained in the personal possession of the king of England.4. During the 16th century Jersey folk adopted the Protestant religion5. An ancient law of Jersey states that, when adults broke the law, they could take refuge in their nearest church for eight days while their family brought them food. On the ninth day they had to choose either to be punished or to leave NFL Size 5XL Jersey forever. Every church had a safe path to the beach called Les Perquages to allow criminals to leave the island by boat. As long as you were on this path, you could not be arrested.6. Until the nineteenth century the local language of the island was Jrriais (or Jersey French), although French was used for official business. The official language today is English.7.8. In the 1970s, Jersey was one of the few places in Europe to make surfboards, three quarters of the British surfing team were from Jersey, and Europe’s annual championships were held on the island.9. The island is usually the hottest place in Britain in the summer with temperatures averaging a few degrees higher than the remainder of the British Isles.



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