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Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy for Hand Sweating, Axillary Sweating, Facial Sweating and Facial Blushing is offered at the middle. This operation is carried out as an outpatient process, below full anesthesia, with minimal pain and immediate results. Dr. Edelman has carried out over 900 procedures. Dr. Edelman was trained by Dr. Ivo Tarfusser, one of many innovators of the Swedish Technique. Clamps are used to interupt the nerve impulses of the ganglion that controls the sweating, however cutting the nerves is offered instead. Success is larger than 98%. Complications are unusual. Compensatory Sweating continues to be the most typical side effect of this process. Contact Dr. Edelman by E-mail or call for a consultation if in case you have palmar sweating, facial blushing, facial sweating or axillary sweating.



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