Show Off Favorite Player Numbers On Your Canine

Men's  Cotton Doomed Boy Short Sleeve  Tops TeesFootball is America’s number one sport, and dogs are our best friends. Finally the day has arrived for our furry companions to show their support for our preferred NFL or college team, with the availability of officially licensed football jerseys for dogs! Pet jerseys are extremely popular and are available in every size, with everything from team colors, names and player numbers boldly displayed on the back of the jersey.

Owners must closely measure the girth of their puppy’s neck, back and chest to guarantee a good fit. Almost all pet jerseys are sewn with 100-percent polyester. Football jerseys for dogs are easy to wash and normally fit dogs as large as 70 pounds. Measuring the dog’s chest size is generally the most important measurement in determining the size of the football jersey. Owners will want to measure their dogs from behind the front legs to the back. Accurate measurements definitely make the difference in whether the dog will be able to comfortably walk in the jersey. Football jerseys for dogs usually exhibit the official team logos, and any fan should obtain officially licensed jerseys.

Owners had better measure their dog’s back, from the neck base to the base of the tail. Measurements around the neck will also determine fit. So, the next time you grab your remote and watch the big game in your official team jersey, consider allowing your dog to chew a bone on the floor next to you, decked out in pet jerseys configured just for him. Football jerseys for dogs are an amusing way for pet lovers to demonstrate support for your team and keep your pampered pets in duds that are sure to be the hit of the tailgate party!



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