Super Hero Themed Football Teams

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– Super Hero Themed Football Teams – Part 1, DC Universe

Super Hero Themed Football Teams – Part 1, DC Universe

By TheSoundofThrowingPennies, April 12, 2013 in Concepts

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– Just for fun
– DC
– Nike


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So this is just a little something I thought of early today and below is a very rough draft of the first team: The Gotham City Dark Knights.

This uniform is very simple and clean, like Batman. Just as Batman has no flashy super powers and is more nitty gritty than other heroes, so too is this uniform very simple and it won’t blow you away with fancy bells and whistles. So without further ado:

Let me know what you think, all types of feedback welcome. Next up is the Metropolis Men of Steel.

This concept is vengeance…this concept is the night…THIS CONCEPT…IS…AWESOME!

Cool work–these can be fun whetehr they try to duplicate the superheroes actual supersuits, or if they just take the colours and theme of the superhero and do a uni.

This one is ore of the latter, but has some connection to Batman’s look.

So keep it up–looking forward to more.

(I’ve done some concepts in the past, where I’ve tried to mirro r their costumes, but not slavishly, as well as some MAden concepts–some of whuch might still beon a real old thread, although there are definite limitations doing them that way.)

Agian–cool work, looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks for the feedback guys! As promised… the Metropolis Men of Steel!

Now, to me, Superman is the grandaddy of all other super heros, so I tried to give him a fresh, retro look, from white domes to the cartoon logo, and no matter how i played with it, I could not justify putting anything on the chest of the uniform than the bid ole EL family crest, so here it is!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the Keystone City Flash!

Nice job, the helmets give them a playful feel, like the old, old, way before my time Fleischer cartoons, or eve the old 70’s ones.

Although the whie feels a litlle out of place with the blue red & yellow.

Maybe red or blue pants and a blue helmet–possibly with the S shield on it?

The only thing that doesn’t quite work for me though are the white pants–but I suppose if this were a real team, I’d get used to them.

Very cool concept… My advice would be to try and make these as realistic as possible. You did a great job with the dark knight set. The superman one is good but a little too campy for modern times. Try taking color cues from the new movie coming out or (dare I say it), Superman Returns. I would go with a different logo for the helmet…

This is the kind of concept that can, and should be, taken to its full. I would create a whole leage with two conferences (DC and Marvel) and just GO TO TOWN WITH IT!!! There are so many super hero’s that making a 32 team leage would be easy. Possibilites are endless with this one….


waldowest 15

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I’ve actually been working on a similar concept, so I’m really interested in how yours turns out. Especially the Flash, because… of obvious reasons. I’m not sure I like the ‘bat stripe’ on the Dark Knights uniform, but I like the colors and the simplicity of it. The Men of Steel colors are great too, very vibrant and strong. I agree that it’s a little too campy for me to consider super realistic, but these are the concepts I love. These interpretations are just really fun. Good job!

I hear you all on the Superman theme and I will revisit it another day. As for the guy who suggested I do a whole league with a Dc Conference and a Marvel conference… that was the original plan!

So now, The Flash of Keystone City! This uniform is, well, flashy. Everything about it I wanted to convey speed, from the wordmark to the helmet logo to the pants stripe and the less obvious subliminated helmet stripe. This one was the most fun so far, so here it is, The Flash of Keystone City:

Up next is the Poseidonis Aquamen!

jcues01 1

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You know when your done with this, you will have to create another 32 team league for all of the villians right? Just imagine a Joker inspired uniform!

Keep em coming!

These take your old nfl concepts, throws them aways and hits them with an atomic bomb (not that you haven’t made any bad concepts.) theyre just that much better, especially the Gotham City. As jcuse mentioned with a different Superman logo on the helmet, I would use the S although the Superman does give it a playful look like Stampman said. For Aquaman, you should make an orange jersey with green pants.

Here’s the Poseidonis Aquamen. Full disclaimer: I hate it. I got about three fourths of the way done and thought of a way to make this awesome from scratch but was pissed off and decided to finish this one anyways. Who knows, maybe some one else will like it. I can tell you the next one will be sleeker and wayyy more aquaman like. Stay tuned!

As for this design, I played around with a scales like design in places on the uniform including the stripes, the helmet, and the sleeves. I cn;t talk much more about it, I’m pretty upset that the other idea was not my first one. So here you go:

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll do the new Aquamen next, or if I’ll go Hal Jordan, or if I crack open the Marvel conference. But this is the first division in the DC Conference

jmoe12 249

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– 249
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I love all of the work you have been doing! Keep ’em coming!

mr.nascar13 663

– @loganaweaver

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– Location:Southeast Ohio

Scale matte helmet, perhaps?

This one is my favorite so far, BY FAR. I’m thinking maybe The Dark Knights have been dethroned as the best looking team in this league. This concept I wanted to look streamline, like it could take flight at any moment. I also really wanted to capitalize on this hero’s glow, and make it look a little out of this world.

That’s right, here’s the Coast City Green Lanterns!

MBurmy 457

– Just a fan who happened to find this page.

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– Location:Racine, Wisconsin

As a lifelong DC fan, I think you hit it on the head here! (Don’t feel too bad about Aquaman-he’s not the easiest character to adapt to begin with).

I think next should be the second DC division, then the Marvel Conference…then, if it goes REALLY well, I’d love to see how you do a Villains’ League.

TheSoundofThrowingPennies 48

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– Banned
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Aquaman, round 2. Will pot description in the morning. Night y’all

Stampman 60

– CCSLC award winner

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I’m so glad to see the wings on the Flash helmet.

While the Flash lightning bolt logo would look cool on a helmet, if the team is based on the Flash, the helmet needs the wings–and the rest of the uni is well done and definitely says “Flash”–although I’d like to see a lightning bolt somewhere on the uni (Unless I missed it)

The seconf Aquaman is much better–both as a uni and as a representation of Aquman, not sure why, but it is.

As for the Green Lantern one–kind of cool with the glow–but I’d like to see a little more green.

I’d love to see a yellow belt/accents for Gotham

8BW14 363

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Dan O’Mac 214

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For Batman, I think gold, not yellow would work better with that color scheme. Like the Dark Knight series.



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