The Best Super Bowl XLVIII Retail Displays

In recent years, the Super Bowl has become synonymous with branding and advertising. From half-time sponsorships to the infamous multi million-dollar commercials, the Big Game provides brands with high visibility – at a high cost, of course. According to Forbes, over 100 million viewers are expected to watch Super Bowl XLVIII, and a 30-second television ad timeslot will cost $4 million this year.

Investing this much money in television advertising does not automatically result in a hefty ROI. While TV ads are very effective in raising brand awareness and affecting consumers planned pre-purchase behavior, an integrated marketing program is essential to maximize the benefit of your investment. It must be seamlessly integrated with retail displays to reinforce the message at the final stage of the path to purchase.

At retail, the Super Bowl offers brands yet another opportunity to raise awareness and capitalize on impulse purchases. This is particularly relevant to snack foods and beverages, which are traditionally associated with watching the game.

Capitalizing on the Super Bowl brand is beneficial for both brands and retailers. By developing clever custom retail displays that incorporate Super Bowl XLVIII, retailers can:

– Make a big impact in a small space
– Increase brand awareness
– Influence cross-product purchase behavior
– Create an environment and suggest product usage.

Pepsi and Bud Light are two notable sponsors of Super Bowl XLVIII, and they are prevalent in nearly every one of these innovative merchandise displays.

Pepsi Spells maha for Super Bowl XLVIII

This creative Pepsi product display raises brand awareness while mentioning the Denver Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning. By outlining Manning jersey number and his famous maha call-out, the reference to Super Bowl XLVIII is not explicit, but Pepsi products are still strongly reinforced.

Brand blocking for Super Bowl XLVIII, Pepsi roots for the Denver Broncos while raising brand awareness (image source:

The Super Bowl Store within a Store

The store-within-a-store concept can be extremely effective for influencing cross-product and cross-brand purchases. We e found this to be a popular display strategy with several examples of Super Bowl XLVIII stores within big box and grocery stores. The store-within-a-store tactic utilizes the Super Bowl brand by applying it to a number of (often unrelated) products, thus increasing sales across multiple brands.

T-shirts, camp chairs, beer, and snack chips? Yes, that right. Otherwise unrelated products are brought together in a single Super Bowl XLVIII display at a grocery store in New York.

A liquor store jumps into the Super Bowl XLVIII theme with an elaborate Bud Light merchandise display that commands attention, complete with goal posts, oversized footballs, and a flat-screen TV. Coolers, snacks, and a charcoal grill are also incorporated in the floor display, while still maintaining the prominence of the Bud Light brand.

A retail display at a liquor store uses Bud Light and the Super Bowl to facilitate cross-purchasing (image source:

Selling by Creating the Right Environment

A custom retail display does more than sell a product – it suggests usage. By designing store displays that captivate a place, setting, or emotion, brands indicate scenarios in which consumers should use the product. For example, a Super Bowl XLVIII tailgate theme suggests product usage in a pre-game setting. Similarly, a big-screen TV and a comfy chair infer consumption of the product while watching the Big Game at home.

Kmart created a drink and snack retail display that uses product packaging to assemble the NFL logo. Pepsi and Tostitos brands are showcased in this tailgating-themed display, complete with a grill and football-shaped inflatable chair.

A drink and snack display uses product packaging to assemble the NFL logo in a big box retailer (image source

Your living room has been moved to the center of this store. The Bud Light retail store display creates an environment to suggest consumption at home while watching the Big Game (image source



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