This Tea Is It A

Is a spool of:See a flower in fog Chapter 1:Who is a whose scenery! The light tea joss-stick spreads from this’ nfl jersey sales 2013 the cloudscape teahouse’, the tea guests article wear the tea and drinks in own cup. However- This tea is it a, that sit at small before the window of two women, is also one strong wind view prettiness. Someone often hope to go toward these two females, two present an idea of love in succession. These two women, a woman wears blue dress Shan, a pair of utter darknesses big eye radiant Cheng Che, the brilliance shines on a person.Her facial appearance prettiest, beautiful eyebrows Lian Dai, the facial expression devotes one’s minds. She sit here before the window, that the tea joss-stick before the body more and more and far go, had be cool greater half, but this blue Shan woman is to have never put eyes first half cent is at the tea. This attic bottom sits a youth and a middle age mannfl jersey shop china the approximately 67-year-old shape of that youth, wear the whole body blue dress Shan, just body aloft, what shape see isn’t too clear. But see this youth and that middle age man’s confabulation write, don’t know to be saying what. Eyes of woman always looking at this down stairs youth.

Youth attends to drink tea and have never understood that upstairs still have a woman is lookinging at himself/herself. “Little lotus, you say-” blue Shan woman Dai eyebrow thenfl jersey shop online tiny Cu rises, don’t know how think, made reference to half words but again to stop down. On smiling, the petite woman Ying sat on her opposite’s Ying’s way:”Young lady what is up orders!” The blue Shan woman lightly vomited an one breath and contained light in the eyes Chu Chu is moving, she way:”I ask you, you say 閳ワ腹鈧泿ow make a men fancy their yous!” The little lotus goes toward pastry to send in his/her own and hears blue Shan woman unexpectedly and starts to ask her like this words, saying with smile of bell sound sort:”Be like a young lady like this the woman of beautiful looks, where still use to know these affairs!”
“Why need not know!”The blue Shan woman takes a doubt in the equanimity.
“You think, young lady like this facial appearance, the another man saw an eye souls be all hanged up go to, who also refuse a young lady, so say,nfl jersey size chart conversion the young lady completely has no necessity to think these!”The little lotus Xi laughs merrily a way. The clock hopes snow to hold chin, the eye remains not to change, way:”If is really such, I don’t ask you these!” The “young lady-” little lotus stares big double eyes, eyes hoped the direction that snow sees to pass one eye and discovered that the clock hopes the direction that eyes of snow see toward the clock, unexpectedly is one shape not greatly green dress youth. “Young lady, you can’t be fancy him!” The clock hopes snow lazy depend on a thin window, Fei of cheek red slightly show, way:”Do not know!” “Do not know?”

The clock hoped snow to shake to shake head, some ways of flusters:”I am exactly to don’t know to just need to ask you, I even if don’t like him, why can that not make him like me again?” The little lotus felling affair is a bit not right. A women want to make a men fancy their he or shes, nfl jersey size chart nike that this kind of affair, too terrible some. The guy thick-skinneds that believe in inside in the door in normal times of can not get the oneself young lady’s favor, is their young lady full to support and tries to make a men fancy their he or shes to the viewpoint? “This method-can much go to!”The little lotus eats pastry to say:”Tell the truth, once the young lady cry two to make three to commit suicide by hanging, which man return an ability crest must live!” The blue Shan woman has no message of reply. Many people take her as scenery, she but with the window descend a green Shan youth for scenery- She is silent to come down, slowly taste the words of little lotus.



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