Tim Tebow’s Jersey Is Selling Like Crazy

Did you see this coming? I don’t think anyone did but what you have been reading across the internet and media outlets are true. Tim Tebow’s jersey is the number one seller in the entire NFL. Yes, the entire national football league. No professional football player is selling more jerseys than Tim Tebow right now.

It is not the first time that a rookie has lead the national football league in jersey sales. Last year, rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez also led the league in jersey sales. However Tim Tebow has shattered his numbers. In just two weeks after he was drafted, Tebow already had the number one seller. People were breaking their necks to get a jersey.

The biggest reason that Tebow’s jersey sells so well is because of his popularity in college. He was one of the most popular players to ever suit up in Florida history. He won two titles, was a finalist for two Heismans, and won one. He also is the most high profile Christian athlete in the national football league. A lot of people support Tebow for this reason alone. Tim is known to write scripture on his uniform and recite it after the game. It is a peculiar thing for an athlete to do, but many people love it.

So did anyone see this coming? Absolutely not. But are they surprised? Probably not. Tebow has and will always be a popular person. People love to root for him and against him. That’s why you’ll continue to see more and more people in his jersey.

Want to purchase a Tim Tebow jersey? Of course you do. Tim is only the most popular athlete of his kind to ever hit the field in the history of the game of football. Yes, some of that may be media hype but a lot of it has merit. With the amount of accomplishments he has under his belt in the college game you can see why there is so much frenzy and excitement over this young man.

So should you get his jersey? Are you a Broncos fan? Then you might want to get a Tebow jersey. Tim is the quarterback of the future for better or worse. Unless he implodes completely and Josh McDaniels is fired, Tebow is going to be around for at least 3 years. Why not support your team and get the starting quarterback’s jersey? Let’s not kid ourselves. By the time you read this Kyle Orton won’t be around anymore.

If you are a Florida fan or a fan of Tebow you definitely are going to want to sport your favorite player’s jersey. A lot of fans get jerseys of teams because they like just one player. That is fine. Just don’t disrespect the fans of that team while you wear that jersey. Think about how it would feel if some idiot wore a Percy Harvin Florida jersey because he went to high school went with him and misrepresented the entire Florida fan base. It wouldn’t make you happy, so please show Bronco fans the same respect.



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