Vikings Don’t Bite So Chiefs Cut Harris

If the Chiefs too as Vikings experienced been playing a gaming of chicken, the Chiefs flinched.

Kansas city was looking to make trades previous first-round choose Napoleon Harris. actually looking might not be considered a powerful enough statement, they experienced been desperate to own something for Harris–who hasn’t been productive for just about any gaming this year proper after signing a enormous six-year, $23-million offer while using Chiefs in 2007. I guess we don’t need somewhat much much more evidence of why the Chiefs are awful. In fact, in a single precise game, the Chiefs dressed only 5 linebackers this form of being a actual exercise squad call-up, but still left Harris inactive.

The Vikings (who experienced Harris in 2005-2006) experienced been in somewhat desperate need for just about any middle linebacker now that E.J. Henderson is within of the injured reserve and his replacement David Herron was banged up final week.

So we’ve the makings of the offer right? Not exactly. once the Vikings have fascination in Harris, they do an exceptional profession of camoflauging it. They signed Dontarrius Thomas being a fill-in on Monday, which helped ensure that the Chiefs released Harris on Tuesday proper following the make trades deadline passed without any deal.

Now, it will be surprising once the Vikings didn’t a minimal of kick the tires on Harris to see if he can help them out. There is a cause to beware–like the Deltha O’Neal illustration with New England, there is a issue whether or not an particular person who cannot help the Chiefs can actually help any NFL team. But contemplating that Harris will arrive dirt low-priced and appreciates the Vikings defense, there does not apparently become a whole large amount of damage in bringing Harris in being a short-term fill-in. The Star-Tribune’s weblog claims that as of now, the Vikings haven’t called Harris’ agent.

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